Preventing Vehicles from Becoming Lethal Weapons

Scanning for threats
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Under Vehicle Inspection System by UVEye

As a result of the increasing rates of global terror, the automotive and security industries – like many other industries – are facing new challenges. Bombs stowed in cars, vans, trucks, buses and even planes, can kill and injure hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent civilians, shattering lives in mere seconds. Cars are no longer the sleek, stylish inventions that symbolize freedom and movement, but have the potential to become lethal weapons, if the necessary security provisions are not put in place.
Hi Tech company UVEYE, now offer an under-vehicle surveillance system, which includes several cameras and is integrated with license plate recognition (VNPR) system, is placed at a site’s checkpoint. As a vehicle drives over the imaging unit, the system automatically scans, processes and transmits a fully colored, high resolution image of the vehicle’s undercarriage directly to a control unit, in a matter of seconds, even when the car is traveling at speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h). The image displayed on the operator’s screen provides current and previous information about the incoming car, including potential threats.

Using multiple strategically angled and synchronized cameras, UVeye is able to generate a high resolution and full color image of vehicles up to approximately 11.5 feet in width, with no limitations on its length. The AI-based technology then accurately and automatically identifies any anomalies, including hidden explosives or drugs. In fact, UVeye’s technology is so advanced that it can even recognize a foreign object as small as a USB stick and scratches as small as 2mm.

To date, UVeye has already successfully sold units to many high profile companies, agencies and organizations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, including government offices, embassies, seaports, power plants, gas factories, hotels, and private establishments.
UVEye Scanning for threats