Silverback at the Counter Terrorism and Extremism 2019 Event

We have been invited to deliver a case study "Protecting Public Spaces Against Terror Attacks – Raising Standards And Ensuring Currency" at the Government Event "Counter Terrorism and Extremism 2019: Protecting The Nation From Home And Global Threats", on June 19, 2019.

Our contributors will be Carl Dakin, Patrick Smith and Duncan Kenny

Carl’s contribution will be on current threat profiles and the challenges that they pose to the security industry and will be recorded as he is deployed in the South of France, (a video of Carl’s presentation will be made available after the conference). Patrick’s contribution will focus on Silverback’s Learning in the Round approach and how it addresses issues such as critical awareness and learning from experience.  Duncan will outline a current innovation in establishing a drone exclusion zone at the current Queen’s Fevertree Tennis Tournament.  

The three contributions will bring together integrated security, technological advances and professional development.

Read Carl Dakin's e-Book 'Countering Terrorism - 7 Steps

About the Author: Patrick Smith Emeritus Professor, MA FACILITATOR