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The Silverback Courses – Not the normal sort of courses

Silverback is a small operation, especially compared to others in the field.  So, it has to be different.  Jokingly, we describe it as small but perfectly formed in seeking to set security-based knowledge against the wider setting of organisations, their management and leadership, along with personal  and professional development.

Towards the end of the Diploma stage of the Silverback Security Management course we asked the participants to give us some feedback on how the programme has influenced their work as security managers and professions.  This is what they said.

 “Anyone can be a manager or supervisor, but for you to be able to operate effectively you need to understand the broader context of organisational culture and leadership styles. It helps you think about how you see yourself, how you come across to others, how you can adapt your leadership style to get the best out of your team.  So all the elements of this module are about analysing yourself and analysing your team so that you become a more effective manager.” 

“Management concepts have been covered throughout the course but I didn’t get a full understanding until this module.  For example, Hackman’s theory of teams, I mean, looking at them, obviously I understand the concept of what makes up a team or group, but to know there are theories behind it and they are evidence based, so then you look at it and, yes, it does make sense.” 

“Silverback provides three areas.  First we’re learning about security practices and procedures. Second throughout the course, but now specifically in these later modules, there are theories of leadership and management we use to analyse our own behaviour and which will improve our work as security managers. And third, study support which helps us to analyse and explain our work to our teams. In this module all three elements tie in perfectly enabling us to move away from operational specific content into concepts of leadership and management.”