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Why should you consider an academic qualification?

The journey through an academic qualification will increase your ability to meet challenges head on and overcome them, a trait both valued and desired by employers.

One defining attribute that a professional possesses is the continued development of their own skillset and competencies. If you are not moving forward you are heading backwards, which highlights the importance of professional development. Individuals working within the security and events sector can benefit greatly by completing an academic qualification. This academic journey will take you from a motivated employee to a subject matter expert with the ability to think critically, another trait valued by employers. You will gain the ability to translate theory into practice which in turn will increase operational effectiveness to enable operational excellence, again another valuable trait to possess.

As an individual the strength of your personal branding is underpinned by your level of competence. Gaining an academic qualification is evidence to prove that you are a capable individual. This will distinguish you from competitors to enable a rapid career progression within the security or events sector.

Why is this I hear you ask?

Good employers mitigate risk with appointments, they want the most capable individuals to help achieve business objectives. Another aspect to consider is that the industry that we operate within is striving towards professionalism. This is driven forward by individuals such as yourself. You can make a difference, not only to yourself but also the industry as a whole. You just need to start your academic journey.


Rob Kennedy BA (Hons) MSyI from Silverback Security Academy on Vimeo.