About the Courses

Certificate in Security Management

The Certificate in Security Management is a Level 4 qualification accredited by SFJ Awards It has been developed and is delivered by current practitioners in the security industry. 

The course has been designed to use the workplace as a source of learning by involving participants in the process of converting experience and unspoken understandings into practical knowledge and expertise. 

The course integrates security issues with those of management along with the development of critical and analytical capabilities. 

Assessment tasks are work-based requiring participants to focus on practical issues using information and theory presented and explored in workshops and resources available online.

Diploma in Security Management

Silverback has developed six Level 5 modules as a Diploma in Security Management.  These modules are under review and cover the following areas: 
Business Continuity & Contingency Planning
Facilities Security
Logistics & Infrastructure Issues
Leading & Managing Security Organisations
Transport Hub Security
The Professional Security Manager


Module Title

Workshop Dates


Module Preparation – Start Date

Assignment Issue Date

Assignment Submission Date

Certificate Module 1

Emergency, risk & crisis management

29-30 Jan 22

Canary Wharf


30 Jan 22

28 Feb 22

Certificate Module 2

Counter terrorism for secure environments

02-03 Apr 22

Canary Wharf

14 Mar 22

03 Apr 22

02 May 22

Certificate Module 3

Communication and conflict management

28-29 May 22

Canary Wharf

16 May 22

29 May 22

27 Jun 22

Certificate Module 4

Event Security

30-31 Jul 22

Canary Wharf

18 Jul 22

31 Jul 22

29 Aug 22

Certificate Module 5

The security management context

24-25 Sept 22

Canary Wharf

12 Sept 22

25 Sept 22

24 Oct 22

Certificate Module 6

Cyber and information security

26-27 Nov 22

Canary Wharf

14 Nov 22

27 Nov 22

27 Dec 22

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