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Module 10: Leading & Managing Security Organisations

We hear a lot about the need for good management and sound leadership.  In order to survive and thrive in the rapidly changing and challenging worlds of security and event management, individuals at all levels need to be resourceful, flexible, adaptable and creative.  They need to be able to respond rapidly and effectively in changing and often unpredictable situations.  In short, they need to be vigilant, responsive and effective.  It follows then, that organisational structures, along with the exercise of leadership and management need to be similarly adaptable and responsive.  Systems should be supportive of individuals and teams, not get in their way.

We see leadership is a set of skills, of capabilities which we all are capable of developing and which are used at all levels within an organisation, not just at the top.  We use Goleman’s six leadership styles and explore different interpretations of leadership in terms of their merits – the advantages and disadvantages of each and the conditions in which they might best used.  At the same time, we study the idea of organisational culture and the ways in which it shapes and influences how people think, act and relate to each other both above and below.

What you will be able to do

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Have an understanding that organisational structures can be flexible and agile without becoming disorganised and directionless
  • Have a sound working knowledge of leadership styles, their advantages and disadvantages, alone with an understanding of your own leadership preferences, and
  • Have an appreciation of the influential role that organisational culture plays and how you both are influenced by it and contribute to it.

Assessment Arrangements

Assessment for this module is in two stages.  The first takes the form of an organisational profile prepared in advance and presented at the workshop, whilst the second stage is completed following the workshop and is an analysis of leadership styles identified in the workplace.

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