Module 12: The Professional Security Manager


The term professional has been much abused, cheapened and consequently reduced in meaning.  Its applications range from little more than a marketing ploy inflating the quality claims of a product or service, through to the pursuit of an occupation full-time.  More comprehensive and inclusive notions of being professional, characterised by a commitment to service based on knowledge which is current and extensive, and practice based on explicit values and principles, along with an evident commitment to continuing development, are less evident.  Such interpretations however are essential to realising the aspirations of the security industry to achieve professional standing.


This module focuses on what it means to be a professional security manager.  It features elements such as the recognition and importance of learning from experience, developing and refining specialist expertise, commitment to continuing professional development through critical reflection, along with  the systematic induction of novices into the profession by means of extensive training.  It also acknowledges the diverse and rich nature of the security industry in terms of culture - the backgrounds, specialisms and dispositions of its members.


What you will be able to do

On completion of this module you will be able to:


  • Outline a personal interpretation of what being professional means
  • Demonstrate a substantial commitment to continuing professional development and how you pursue if practically
  • Indicate and account for how you reconcile the requirements and goals of the workplace with the exercise of professional practice, and the mobilisation and utilisation of tacit knowledge within it
  • Evidence how you use the workplace as a source of personal learning, along with how you encourage and support the development of team members and direct reports.


Assessment arrangements

The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; a critical review of the term professional; the second, the creation of a detailed professional development plan.

The Professional Security Manager