Module 5: The Security Management Context

Certificate Module


The Security Management Context

Security management not only involves the design and implementation of arrangements to ensure the security of individuals, goods and services, but also the management of the relationship between a security company and their client or customer.

Participants will be introduced to notions such as managing client expectations, the deployment and management of security employees, suitably prepared and resourced in order to ensure the provision of effective services and satisfactory results.

What you will be able to do

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Assess and prioritise the needs of a client in terms of logistics and planning
  • Design an effective and practical plan to address the needs of a specific client
  • Outline the resources and a budget to support this plan.

Assessment Arrangements

The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first will involve in class presentations; the second, the development of a security management plan for a specific organisation.

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