Module 2 - Counter Terrorism for Secure Environments

Certificate Module

Counter Terrorism for Secure Environments

The focus of this module is on developing an understanding of those measures required to secure against terrorism. The nature of current terrorist threats is examined, including terrorism ideologies, beliefs, aims and methods, and the changing nature of terrorist threats.

Related topics and issues considered include intelligence gathering and analysis, along with examination of threat analysis including roving threat, lone-shooter and single cell operations, as well as more co-ordinated and group terror threats

The principal focus is on Homeland Security however these explorations will also identify and outline broader, international links in intelligence gathering and use.

What you will be able to do

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what represents a secure environment taking account of potential terrorist threats
  • Outline the process of radicalization and how it might be countered
  • Identify and outline the main features and ways of operating of a range of terrorist groups
  • Design effective means of counteracting terrorist threats
  • Appreciate the value of intelligence from a range of sources.

Assessment Arrangements

The Assessment arrangements comprise two parts; the first by means of in-class responses to questions set; the second, the development of a counter terrorism plan.

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